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Just want to say thanks to SB. Haven’t said it for a while as just been trying to keep the show on the road. However, without you H wouldn’t be doing as well I don’t think. He’s really struggling with lockdown this time as many are. However, SB does keep him afloat. Obviously, he has his long term love for Greg and wouldn’t do without him. He has a great end to every week with Sam doing his skating. Sam gets involved and H thrives with it. Ash is making a real difference for H. He is supporting him with some of the things that H finds difficult to say to others and their sessions of a massive benefit for H mental health and emotional well being. Thank you all for continuing to give such quality support to H. It’s appreciated so much even when I forget to send you a long message to acknowledge it.

Clients Mum

Feedback for staff to express my appreciation!! To Mark and Team H. It’s been a tough few months for everybody with COVID but SB continued to be there to support us throughout. On top of lockdown, H has had to deal with some really difficult losses but for each of those, he was supported by SB. That included extra sessions at short notice/flowers (for me!!) gifts and understanding. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to go that extra mile!!! Now we are back On The road to education!! Mark – I know I have been your biggest headache with rotas/ timetables and week 1 and week 2 !!! But again you just keep giving! Chasing up this and following up that to ensure that everything is in place for H. He has a team around him that completely understand him but the outstanding factor for me is that you all are all committed to H achieving. Greg/Ash/ jack and soon Sam (🤩) are there to help him get through this. I always try to express my appreciation but truly I don’t ever feel alone- as you know to mark you have been here for the long haul- there have been some tough times but you have stayed on board and help me get to where we are now. H will get there and it will be thanks to all of you. So thank you again.

Tessa, Mum

Marie said she likes to go out with new people have fun and a chat. Marie loves Bowling Cinema, Meal and Quiz and the Ambassadors club and is all enjoyable. Marie likes small group situations. Marie looks forward to going to all the activities and is happy and confident in socialising because she knows she has good backing (yourself and Charlotte.
Marie enjoys going out because it makes her feel happy, joyful, and it is something different because Marie has not socialised of an evening for years. I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and I don’t know what we would do without you (Mark and Charlotte), and it gives me respite too. Its good also knowing Marie is in safe hands and is picked up from home and dropped off safely, it goes a long way. Marie is always ready and waiting to go out well before the time you have arranged to pick her up, which shows she can’t wait!! Excellent activities and excellent arrangements, long may it continue.

Pat and Marie

My son has been lucky enough to have been part of Socialising Buddies since it began. With Socialising Buddies he has enjoyed evening activities such as Pub meals & Quizzes, Bowling nights, Isle Jump, a Theatre visit, and played pool & darts at the Ambassadors Club. All of the outings are well planned and managed by Mark & Charlotte. I have been very impressed by the quality of thought, care, consideration, and fun that goes into each group outing, and best of all, my son has a fantastic time!

Socialising Buddies is a totally unique service and is something I can thoroughly recommend.

Linda, Mum

Socialising Buddies the group that encourages people with learning difficulties to go out and enjoy activities.

Charles, Client