Here at Socialising Buddies, we aim to make our outings and activities as accessible and affordable to as many people as we can. Here are some common questions that people ask us:

How do I book and outing or activity?

Firstly; If you have a support worker or someone who helps you with budgeting please speak to them about what activities you would like to book and ask them to support you with budgeting for it. You can book any outings by calling Mark on 07960194888.

How do I pay?

You can pay through cash or cheque on the day – Cheque’s should be made payable to Socialising Buddies Ltd, We will provide you with a receipt for any payments you make to us. You can also pay via online or telephone banking – please ask for further details should you want to do this. In some circumstances, we can provide an invoice payable within 7 days. Please speak to us about this. If you receive Direct Payments you may be able to use these to pay for your outings or activities with us. Please speak to your social worker about this.

How do I get there and back?

On some of our outings; we will arrange to meet up together as a group where we’ll then get the bus or train to wherever our destination. There will be some outings where we will ask you to meet us there – these will usually be somewhere that is easy to get to using public transport.
When going home, we will travel back to a central point where you would then need to make your own way home from there. We can provide you with information on bus times etc. please speak to us about this. If it is late in the evening then we will stay with you until you get on the bus/taxi/train to get home.
If you have particular difficulty in getting to or from an outing please let us know and we can see what we can do to help